Ronin out for Justice


Seeking justice on the conspiracy that betrayed and murdered her liege lord, Daimyo Onoshi.

Known Conspirators:

- Daimyo (Lord) Yabu, Grandfather of Onoshi
- Yoshiro Yabu, Nephew of Onoshi
- A Shadow Demon, identity and source unknown
- The Mumlak, a hulking mercenary from the distant West
- Amida Tong, a shadowy organization of Assassins

Deceased Conspirators:
- Merchant who acted as a liaison bringing together the others. Killed in Kalah Bar.
- Two assassins of the Amida Tong. One slain in Kalah Bar and one in Kulam Mali.
- Capt. Nasruddin of Basra. Transporter of various conspirators into Japan.



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